What do the Monkees, Alf and Chuck Norris have in common? Highway 80, of course!


For the next three days, 400 miles of highway will be home to the world's longest yard sale.

The Highway 80 yard sale stretches all the way from Jackson, MS to Mesquite, TX, running right through East Texas.

To prove just about anything can be found at the three-day sale, we sent Bob Hallmark out with a very unusual shopping list.

Treasure hunters were already abundant on highway 80 ... And with the fall event comes the traditional scavenger list from the home office.

The Monkees, a pink flamingo lamp, anything Chuck Norris, an Erector set, an Alf toy, a straightened slinky.

With so much out there, how hard could it be?

For the first time, Bob went 0 for 6.

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