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Video: 'Chuck' getting romantic in Mallorca, Spain

There was a minor upset in the town of Sóller on the island of Mallorca recently, when locals thought they saw Chuck Norris in town, and even posed with him for photos. Turned out he was a lookalike there to make a video - which we now have.
A couple of weeks ago, the Mallorcan town of Sóller was buzzing with the rumor that Chuck Norris was in town. They heard the 73-year-old star of "The Delta Force" and "The Way of the Dragon" was staying at the Hotel La Vila, and locals turned up in full force, some posing for photos with the screen giant.
Digital Journal reported on the rather tongue-in-cheek story saying that the locals were upset and disappointed, and the writer received a comment from Sebastian Wadynski. the person responsible for the appearance of the "Chuck" lookalike.
Wadynski was working on a marketing campaign for the Hotel La Vila and he often uses celebrity lookalikes in his work. This time it just happened to be a Chuck Norris double.
He explained to Digital Journal that he never intended to upset the locals, saying, "If the people in the village get excited and create a story about the "Ranger in Sóller", it is their private opinion and they are free to do so."
He then explained that the man the locals saw was "a professional, hard-working and modest person, who did a great job, and who posed with the locals in his free time just to make people happy."
Thanks to Wadynski we now have access to the final video. So, for your viewing pleasure, you can now watch the video above and see for yourself how "Chuck" found his romantic side at the Hotel La Vila in Mallorca.

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